January 17, 2018


The Truth About A Child's Fitness and Their Future Kids Sedentary, Video Game Addiction SOLVED

We have a real problem. Obesity rates are soaring in our children.

Poor physical fitness and obesity is a problem for many of our children. A lot of kids today eat a very poor diet, get minimal physical exercise, instead watch tv and play hours of video games every day.

Our kids have obesity rates (and those just under the obesity limit) of 30%. The rates of diseases associated with obesity are skyrocketing, in adults AND children.

Our schools are unable to keep the kids as active as we were when we were young. Physical education programs and their budgets have been slashed. Not only that, but even the standards of fitness have been plummeting to make up for our kid's sedentary lifestyle. At home, kids have more video games, computers, and big screen tvs. These are passive, sedentary entertainment devices that lure the kids into sitting there for hours each and every day.

Kids need to move to be healthy! (and it helps if it is doing something that they love, like jiu jitsu)

Even when the kids go outside, they often have less strenuous activities – they have motorized 4 wheelers more commonly than bicycles. When we were kids we ran around, climbed trees, and rode bicycles or skateboards.

Our kids are getting sick, they are losing their health and this will worsen as they become adults. It is now common for kids to develop type 2 diabetes (this used to be called adult onset diabetes, but now it is now called type 2 diabetes because it is seen so frequently in children). Diabetes is associated with high rates of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, blindness, and premature death.

Experts predict that for the first time- children's life expectancy will be lower than their parents.

We have a growing body of medical research that demonstrates the devastating effect of obesity and being overweight has on kids. The effects are not just now, BUT FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Research shows that even if the kids lose weight as adults, they still have a much higher rate of death by the time they reach the age of 30 and above.

Not only is obesity and being overweight devastating for their health -both now and for the rest of their lives, but this is also devastating for their self esteem. I hope that this doesn’t apply to your own children, but if it does, then you can do something about it.

"Brenden has gained self confidence and is much less shy since beginning classes. Since starting jiu jitsu, Brenden has become much more social with others. He has learned how to interact with other children and adults in a positive way. Jiu Jitsu has increased his self esteem while keeping him active and fit." Heather, mother

The physical fitness that is gained in our martial arts classes will overwhelm obesity and 'couch potatoeism.'

You have the opportunity to improve your child’s fitness level, all you do is have to call us and find out how you can get started for free with our no risk, 7 day free trial of Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts Classes (903-793-1085).

"I am proud of the positive changes in Joseph's behavior. Jiu Jitsu has helped Joseph in so many ways… He has gotten stronger physically and has grown a lot emotionally. Joseph has learned how to interact with other children in a friendly, competitive way. I am proud of the positive changes in Joseph's behavior. The encouragement and positive instructions Joseph has received has made him very confident. I am very pleased with Joseph's accomplishments on the mat, at school, and at home." John, father

Our kids martial arts program is guaranteed to improve your child’s fitness and health. Not only that, but you will see a difference in as little as one month! 

Our program won’t just help them get in shape, but it will transform your child and make them much more athletic.

This new found athleticism will carry over into all other sports, both organized and unorganized. It will also further build strong levels of self confidence AND happiness.

"Dalton has built confidence and strength. He has an improved attitude. We finally found something that has kept his attention and that we can do together. You all do a great job!" Roger, father

Call us at 903-793-1085 or email us here for more information about our popular kids classes or email us here. We offer a 100% free, no risk 7 day trial for you to try out our classes!

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