January 17, 2018

Focus and Attention

Attention Deficits and Lack of Focus Can Be Devastating To Your Child's Ability To Achieve More In Life!

Many of our parents put their children into our martial arts classes so that they can learn better self control and ability to focus.

These qualities have long been associated with martial artists going back to ancient times.

Never before in history has there been a greater need for improving self control and focus, think about the huge number of children that are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. The kids are often given strong drugs in attempt to change their behavior.

By the way, Dr. Hagebusch, the head instructor, is a chiropractor and a board eligible neurologist. So he has a very deep understanding of ADD-ADHD (most people don't realize that these are neurological conditions and can be improved through adopting the proper lifestyle and mindset in the child).

Our kids martial arts classes help develop better attention, focus, and self control. If this is an area of concern with your own child, then I hope you realize that there is hope and we can help!

A Texarkana Jiu Jitsu parent talks about how training has helped her daughter focus.

Call 903-793-1085 or email us here for more information or to get started for free in our no risk, 7 day free trial of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts Classes for kids… so you can see for yourself what a difference our program can make for your child.

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