January 17, 2018

BullySTOP, Texarkana’s Leading AntiBullying Program

Stop Bullying With Texarkana Jiu Jitsu's BullySTOP Program

Bullying Isn't Really That Much Of A Problem, Is It?

Every day 160,000 kids miss school in the US because of bullying. They live in constant fear of attack, yet lack the confidence and skills necessary to stop the intimidation. Most kids are too embarrassed and fearful to ever even mention to their own parents that they are being bullied.

At school, the child's inability to stand up to a bully is rooted in fear for their safety and physical attack. This actually ends up perpetuating the bullying further destroying their self confidence. They suffer a far greater problem than physical injury, they suffer the often permanent emotional trauma from bullying.

Trauma that increases their risks of very serious problems like depression, anxiety, and just a complete destruction of their self confidence. They lose the confidence that they can accomplish things in life.

This often leads to further alienation, difficulty standing up to negative peer pressure, and ultimately a huge loss in their ability to reach their true potential.

What Can We Do About It?

Texarkana Jiu Jitsu's BullySTOP Program is designed to fix the underlying problem by giving kids the confidence AND the tools to defuse the situation, to end the bullying without ever having to resort to physical violence.

Yes, kids do learn how to defend themselves against physical attack by learning how to control a bigger, stronger, more aggressive bully…

But, more importantly, they discover how to identify early bullying behavior through increased awareness.

They'll then learn to handle the situation with simple skills like being able to look the bully squarely in the eye and confidently let them know through specific verbal jiu jitsu that is designed to defuse the threat before it escalates. This eliminates the need for any physical altercation in virtually every case.

If it does happen to escalate, then they have the physical jiu jitsu to rely up that uses NO punching, kicking, or striking… only the use of control techniques that keeps both the bullied child and the bully safe until help arrives.

This simple program restores the child's confidence which causes them to excel in all areas of their lives.

How Does The Program Work?

Stop bullying with Texarkana Jiu Jitsu's BullySTOP 3 Step Program.

  1. Mental Jiu Jitsu – restoring a child's self confidence
  2. Verbal Jiu Jitsu – nonphysical posturing and specific vocabulary that is proven to de-escalate and defuse the problem.
  3. Physical Jiu Jitsu – handling a physical attack through control points rather than punching and kicking to provide a safe, nonviolent solution.

BullySTOP, Texarkana's Leading AntiBullying Program

BullySTOP Program

If You Want Your Child To Develop Greater Personal Power, Self Confidence, And The Ability To Prevent Bullying Through Their New Found Confidence, Better Awareness, And Readiness…

Stop Bullying Now With This Proven Program That Empowers Kids To Defeat Bullies Without Resorting To Violence.

Sign Up Above To Receive More Information About The Next FREE Anti-Bullying BullyPROOF Seminar In Texarkana. Prevent Bullying, Change A Child's Future or just give us a call at 903-793-1085!

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