January 17, 2018

ATTENTION PARENTS: Is There A Future Highly Successful Adult Living Under Your Roof?

"Do You Ever Wish There Was A Place You Could Take Your Child Away From All The Negative Distractions Like TV, Video Games, Texting, and Computers? Where Your Child Could Discover For Themselves…" 

  • The EXCITEMENT Of A New Sport That Teaches Them
  • How To Be More Successful In Life By…
  • The Importance Of Hard Work,
  • In A Class They Love Full Of Other Positive Minded Kids?

KEEP READING to Discover the Quickest and Easiest Way Possible To Ignite Your Child's PASSION for Achievement – GUARANTEED!

If you want your child to develop more self confidence, better discipline, and high levels of fitness (Texarkana Jiu Jitsu's Kids Martial Arts Classes will get your kids in shape) that will carry over to all parts of their lives, then check out the number one kids martial arts classes in Texarkana! Not only will your child transform their life in so many positive ways, but they will meet new friends and have a great time doing it!

If you are interested in taking advantage of our current special offer for 7 Days of FREE Martial Arts training for your child so that you can check out the program for yourself and ensure that it's going to provide all the benefits that you are looking for (see the huge number of parent testimonials below) all without any risk or obligation… then give us a call at 903-793-1085. Jennifer will answer the phone and be happy to speak with you about the program. Just call 903-793-1085 now, so that we can help answer your questions.
Here are what just a few of the parent's say about our kids martial arts program…
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If you would like your child to enjoy these benefits – high levels of self confidence, better focus, improved respect, better social skills, no more bullies, improved fitness and A LOT more then just give us a call right now at 903-793-1085 or email us here!
Our martial arts classes for kids are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) based. These are not karate or tae kwon do classes, but classes based in Jiu Jitsu. The class techniques allow a child to develop the ability to control a bigger stronger attacker without kicking them or even hurting them in any way.
Children also develop strong self defense skills and learn how to control a bigger, stronger, and/or more aggressive opponent without having to hurt them, not only that but their new self confidence will prevent any physical confrontation from ever occurring.
Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students gain self confidence and self defense skills to deal with bullies again without having to actually hurt them!

Texarkana Jiu Jitsu parent speaks out about how his child overcame bullying
Children are taught that they can accomplish anything in life with the proper mindset! Most importantly, kids have fun in a safe, positive and motivational environment.
We have age specific training for kids with our Little Samurais (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for students 4-6 years of age) and Kid's Jiu Jitsu (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for students 7-12/13 years of  age) classes.
Kids really love our program and that's so important because if we had the best program on earth, but you couldn't get your son or daughter to class then your child wouldn't benefit!
If you want to get your child involved in our program and take advantage of our 7 day free trial offer, then just give us a call at 903-793-1085. Lauren will answer and just tell her that you want to get started with the no risk, free trial!

Texarkana Jiu Jitsu parent talks about what our martial arts program has done for her daughter… improving her focus and her drive while she makes new friends.
Texarkana Jiu Jitsu focuses on developing positive self confidence, self esteem, self discipline, goal setting, and leadership skills in kids of all ages. We use a program that teaches kids in a manner that is fun by using martial arts, specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Parent talks about how her son has developed better discipline, goal setting, and the understanding of hard work to achieve his goals.
Parents tell us all the time about how their child is getting better grades, getting along better with other kids, and their teachers.

Texarkana Jiu Jitsu parent talks about his son getting better grades, having a better attitude, and developing out of this world self confidence.
We don't use karate or tae kwon (tkd) do in our program because we have found that the kids prefer BJJ (brazilian jiu jitsu) over both karate and tae kwon do (tkd). The jiu jitsu classes are a lot of fun for the kids and is a great activity in and of itself. We also don't have 'boring' kata, like those used in both tae kwon do and karate (like shotokan karate).
The kids also get the chance to train safely in boxing / kickboxing  (without getting punched in the head, the kids learn defensive tactics and hit the pads/bags) – muay thai, mixed martial arts, and wrestling.
But, the core of our program focuses on character development in kids. 
We teach them REAL leadership skills that will give them the opportunity to succeed in life. We also focus on teaching discipline and, importantly, a positive mental attitude
Our kids learn how to set meaningful goals and accomplish them… whether that goal is to do better in school or have more friends. They will learn how to succeed AND how to be a leader to help others succeed as well!
You can find out more about our kids martial arts and leadership programs by contacting us at 903-793-1085 or email us here – help your kids develop into the high achieving winners that they were meant to be!
Our Kids Classes Get Rave Reviews
Take advantage of our 30 day free trial of kids martial arts classes today and you'll also get a free private lesson so that you and your child can come in and meat the instructor, learn some basic moves to get prepared for the group class, and we'll answer any questions that you may have about the program… PLUS, when you decide to join our program we'll give you a full 60 day money back guarantee!
All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us right now at 903-793-1085 to get started with this risk free offer. You'll be so happy that you did! These parents were…
"Henry has learned the value of determination… He has learned how to stay focused and have more patience. He has enjoyed being part of a team. It's a great chance for him to stay fit," and as Henry says, "develop good abs and become fast like Bruce Lee." Carrie Hinton, mother
"Before he started Jiu Jitsu, Chuck was timid and would back down to anyone… Since starting Jiu Jitsu, Chuck has grown as a young man. He has more self confidence and also is physically stronger along with mentally knowing how to handle confrontation.. Jiu Jitsu here teaches more than how to take someone down to the mat. It teaches a person to be more self confident." Chuck Borah, father
"Carissa has gained so much self confidence since starting jiu jitsu… Her sense of pride in herself and her accomplishments has greatly improved since beginning jiu jitsu. The discipline that Carissa has learned in jiu jitsu has transferred to other areas of her life – school, home, and elsewhere." Michelle, mother
"Since starting jiu jitsu, his self confidence is really up and he doesn't lash out at other kids like he used to… We wanted Derrel to have more self control with his anger, behavior, and social skills so that he could bond better with other kids. Since starting jiu jitsu, his self confidence is really up and he doesn't lash out at other kids like he used to. He now seems to realize that he is angry or upset before he reacts and tries to calm himself. I have talked to him for years about his behavior and he now is listening." Derrel, father
"Before beginning jiu jitsu, Caedmon would not even look an adult in the eyes, much less talk to them. He has become so much more confident. As a parent, we are pleased that we can allow our children to learn new skills in a safe, comfortable, and challenging environment." Sarah, mother
"We have noticed positive changes in his confidence, discipline, and patience… Kaden looks forward to coming to Jiu Jitsu. It gives him something to be proud of and he now knows how to set goals and work hard to accomplish those goals. He now really enjoys exercise and his athleticism has greatly improved. He has made a lot of friends and his social skills between his peers has greatly improved. As parents, it is nice to have a sport that he genuinely likes and one that we don't have to force him into. We have noticed positive changes in his confidence, discipline, and patience." Renea, mother
"Brenden has gained self confidence and is much less shy since beginning classes. Since starting jiu jitsu, Brenden has become much more social with others. He has learned how to interact with other children and adults in a positive way. Jiu Jitsu has increased his self esteem while keeping him active and fit." Heather, mother
"I am proud of the positive changes in Joseph's behavior… Jiu Jitsu has helped Joseph in so many ways. He has gotten stronger physically and has grown a lot emotionally. Joseph has learned how to interact with other children in a friendly, competitive way. I am proud of the positive changes in Joseph's behavior. The encouragement and positive instructions Joseph has received has made him very confident. I am very pleased with Joseph's accomplishments on the mat, at school, and at home." John, father
"Ashlynn has come out of her ‘shell.’ She appears more confident and speaks more assertively. She has made friends, is more fit, and more outgoing. You guys are doing a great job!!!" Justin and Laurynn, parents
"Dalton has built confidence and strength. He has an improved attitude. We finally found something that has kept his attention and that we can do together. You all do a great job!" Roger, fire fighter

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Or call 903-793-1085 or email us here to find out more about our kid's martial arts classes in Texarkana and additional information about how we can help your child succeed in life!  
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